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26 March 2011 @ 04:40 am
Moving out...  
I've been debating for a while moving to a wordpress.org blog, so that I could put it on my main site and avoid the annoying ads, and just made the switch.  From now on you can find me over there.  I'll leave this one up for a while, at least, but won't be updating here. 

I've gotten all of the old posts moved over, and most of the comments are there, but a few seem to have gotten thrown onto random posts instead of the ones they started out on.  All in all, the transition went fairly smoothly though.  I will be fiddling with the new blog for a while before I find a layout I'm comfortable with, so don't be surprised if it changes faces a few times, but the content is up and will stay consistent.

I'll be porting my StoryBlox blog as well, sometime soon, but I haven't gotten to that one yet.  
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished